Enya getting some support from mum and dad!

Today Enya is on day 56 of her pregnancy! Finally we have reached the last week! It is so exciting now, and I just want those puppies to arrive. Yesterday afternoon and evening was hard for Enya. She was breathing heavy and just struggling. I don't know if it was because the puppies was moving around a lot or if it was just warm.
The night was peaceful and so has today been. In the afternoon Johanna with Enya's daddy Wilson came for a visit and we went to the cemetery for a little walk together. Enya seemed very happy and enjoyed to get out. We are not taking any long walks, and during the middle of the dy when it is the warmest we only walk around the house. But in the morning and evening I try to take a little bit longer when she wants to. 
Today we took some new photos of Big-Momma and also a little family photo with the proud Grandparents to be! This will be Moa and Wilson's first grandkids! So this litter is special in many ways for both me and my sister Johanna.
Enya is such a beautiful girl, even now caring around 10 kg extra she just looks wonderful too me! Since last week she has gained another 6 cm around her waist and 9 cm around her belly! I think those puppies can't grow anymore, Enya's belly might burst if they do!!

I will try to update here when Enya starts her whelping, but the most frequent updates will be on Facebook. Keep your fingers crossed now for us and a easy whelping for Enya!

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