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This morning at 9 am I took a second progesteronetest on Enya and she has rised faster than we had expected. From 5 nmol/L on Friay to 36 nmol/L today.
So after a phonecall to Marit in Norway Leo was on his way to the vet clinic to have his semen collected and shipped to Stockholm.
At 19.30 me and Enya's owner Camilla came to Arlanda Airport and picked up the chilled fresh semen and drove from there straight to SLU/Ultuna in Uppsala. There we had a late evening appointment with Eva Axnér who is a specialist in dog reproduction.
After some different exams of Enya she was clear to go! Everything looked perfect and the timing seem to  be good. 
The semen was also of good quality so the AI was done, around 21.40 pm. When she was finished Enya got to sit with her butt high up in my lap for almost 15 minutes before we put her straight back into the car.
Now all we can do is wait and cross all our fingers for a healthy beautiful litter of puppies in about 9 weeks!!!
But in about 3-4 weeks I will make an ultrasound to see if she is pregnant! So a little bit shorter wait for the first, hopefully good news!

Enya being inseminated with Leo

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Today I took the first progesteronetest on Enya at 11.50 am. We drove to Djursjukhuset Albano and left it to the lab tech who then called me about one hour later.
Enya is today on day 12 of her heat and her progesterone was at 5 nmol/L.
We will take a second test on Monday morning and see if she has ovulated (normal between 15-20 nmol/L) during the weekend. If so, Leo will go to the vet and have his semen collected and send by air to Arlanda!
I have seen a change in her behaviour, and also in Dando. During today's walk they acted like lovers and just wanted to be alone for some qualitytime... Dando who is 10 years old and also nutured still loves his girls! He hasn't been interested in Enya before today, and now back home it is all quiet and calm again. But I am guessing they will get more and more interested in eachother the next few days. If it get's a little bit to much for Dando he might get to spend a few days with Enya's dad Wilson and my sister Johanna. 
I don't want Enya to give the old man a heartattack!
More updates on Monday! Hopefully we will do the AI during next week!

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Today Leo went to the vet to get his little swimmers checked out before it is time for the real semen collection next week.
Luckily everything looked great and the semen quality was very good!
So that was good news, now all we can do is wait for Friday and our first progesteronetest on Enya. 
After that we will know more about when it might be time for the insemination.

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Yesterday afternoon I went and picked up Enya from her owners. She lives with a ridgeback male and it is a bit of hard work for her owners to keep an eye on them now when she is starting to smell good.
Today Enya is on day 9 of her heat and still no signs on her coming into the peak. I will most likely take the first bloodtest on Thursday or Friday so we have a value  before the weekend so we can compare with that next week.
Me (and Marit at Kangelani) have decided to do an AI (insemination) instead of natural mating. There are a few reasons to this, for example that there is a 1000 km drive one way, all dogs passing the border to Norway need to go to the vet for deworming, which for me doesn't mean  only Enya but all my dogs that would come along, and also Marit has two bitches that is expected to give birth to their puppies around next week and weekend. 
So we will have chilled semen shipped to Stockholm and do an AI at Canirep by Catharina Linde Forsberg.
Hopefully this will work well! And depending on what the first progesteronetest says by the end of this week, we will know more of when it might be time for the AI. But I am thinking and hoping for the end of next week, if she rises in progesterone like her mother.
Today we have enjoyed a couple of walks in the woods. Enya is so relaxed in my pack and they with her, which feels great. I think they will work well together when they puppies has arrived aswell!
Next update on Enya coming by the end of the week!

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A couple of days ago I went to visit "Enya" SEVCH Kadamo Ain't She Sweet who will be the mother of our upcoming F-litter. I haven't seen her for a little while so just wanted to go and give her some kisses!
And something must have happend during my visit... because today when I went to meet her and her owner Ove for a little walk she started her heat! And the first blood came/was found during their walk to meet me!
So now this great and very exciting journey finally begins! We will start with taking a bloodtest to check her progesteronelevel by the end of next week. Depending on what it says I will start to prepare for our long long drive to Stavanger in Norway to meet handsome daddy to be, "Leo" NUCH Kangelani's Gentle Leo Son of Clay.
If you want to know more about this upcoming litter, the parents, photos and videos go to F-litter page. 

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  Day in pregnancy: Waist: Belly:
  Day 1 59 cm 71 cm
  Day 37 64 cm 74 cm
  Day 49 71 cm 85 cm
  Day 56 77 cm 94 cm
  Day 60 79 cm 96 cm


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