Mum-to-be Enya on day 37

Today Enya is on day 37 of her pregnancy, so just about four weeks left until the puppies will be born. Time is flying by! You can now start to see that her belly is growing and her behaviour has changed. Last week when she got a nice dogbone she went out in the garden and started to dig trying to hide it for the "future". This is something she has never done before, so definetely a mothers instinct!
Since the AI Enya's belly has grown 3 cm and her waist 5 cm. In a few weeks those numbers will have increased a lot more! Now the real growing of the puppies start, up until now they have been tiny, but now, and especially the last two weeks they will grow into the size they have at birth, which is a lot in such a short time.
I will get new photos of Enya when I am back from my holiday. She will then be around day 49 and it will be time for her to move in with me. Until then enjoy these photos of our gorgeous mum to be!

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