Finally some new puppyphotos!

I have had some busy days so haven't taken as many photos as I usually do. But at least here comes a bunch! I have had my two nieces here with a couple of their friends from our street to visit the puppies and also my friend and "old" puppybyer with her son, Ellens friend Nico.
With a street filled with kids and my sisters and their children living very close to me, it is hard to stop them from visiting. But now the puppies are closing in on four weeks and we will start to have more visitor come by from now on.
These puppies will be very used to kids by the time they are ready to move to their new homes! They will also be very used to sounds, because Ellen doesn't always play peaceful with her toys, and the vacuumcleaner does it's job everyday, and the TV is on pretty much the whole day... Yeah, you get the idea!
In another week or so it will be time to expand the puppies playarea. That automatically means less room for us in our livingroom, but the puppies will be happy!
Below are photos of the puppies 23-24 days old. Enjoy!


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