Our last day and night together!

Last day together! Tomorrow the H-litter is 8 weeks old and the first 3 puppies will move to their new homes. On Tuesday we went to the vet and they were all ID-chipped, vaccinated and healthchecked. They did so well both at the vetclinic and in the car.
I had planned to take the puppies to the woods these last couple of days to explore, but unfortunately the weather has now turned bad from the past weeks of sunshine. So we did not go, felt it was to cold for such a big project on my own.
But they are still enjoying our garden exploring every inch of it aswell as our house downstairs. They are absolutely wild for about 30 minutes, normal dogs for 30 minutes and then sleep until it is time so start all over again! 
It is very bitter sweet saying goodbye to them. I know I have some lovely families waiting for them, and it is time for the puppies to start to explore the world outside our property and get full attention from their owners, instead of having to compete for attention here with all the siblings.
Below are mixed photos of the puppies from today, 55 days old aswell as their last stacked photos below that. Enjoy it!


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