Mira day 42 and puppybox ready!

Yesterday Mira was on day 42 counting from the first mating. She only has three more weeks to go and her belly is really starting to grow now. The puppies are now getting larger and larger and taking up more room in her belly. 
The next few weeks we have some busy days ahead of us. On Saturday I am getting married and a few days after that we are going to Croatia for one week holiday. 
When I come back Mira is due to whelp in about 6 days. So to make sure she is comfortable at home when we are away I decided to prepare the puppybox for her today. She was born in the same puppybox about 2 years and 9 months ago, and now it is her turn! to use it. She seems comfortable in it so far at least, with company from her mother.


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