Mira day 49!

Mira is today on day 49 of her pregnancy which means only 2 more weeks to go! The puppies are now so big that I have started to feel them move around in her belly. I can see that Mira is a bit uncomfortable from time to time. I can only imagine how it feels!
But she is still doing good, apetite as good as it has been the whole time and she still comes on our walks. It has been warm lately though which means less long walks and not much during the warm hours of the day. But she enjoys to lay out sunbathing!
Tomorrow I am heading to veterinaryclinic to take an X-ray of her belly. I normally do it a little bit later in the pregnancy but since I am flying to Croatia tomorrow I need to do it now, it will be too late when we get home.
I hope to be able to count how many puppies she has in that belly and be prepared for her delivery! So new update hopefully tomorrow!


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