Puppies on the way?!

Mira is today on day 59 of her pregnancy. I have seen a big change in her behaviour during the day. We started with a calm morning and a walk and then my sister came and we took some photos of Mira and her belly.
Around lunch we went for another short and slow walk and Mira seemed happy and walked along easily.
After lunch she got to move into her new puppypen/box downstairs and I have been laying out all the things I need for the delivery, towels, blankets, a scale, puppycollars and so on. In the early afternoon she started breathing heavier than before and she has been moving around her blankets in her bed a lot. I believe she is in the first stage of delivery, this stage can take a long time, up to 24 hours (it did for her mum Moa her first time). She is still eating her food which they often stop doing when the delivery is close, but there as exeptions... Some hungry dogs will eat anything they are offered and during the whole delivery!
I have also seen some milk leaking from her tits, also a sign that we are close to delivery since it means that the wax that normally covers the openings of the breast during the pregnancy has gone.
So judging by her behaviour I do believe we will have puppies within the next couple of days!
So now keep your fingers crossed for her!

Below are a few photos from this morning, and below them some photos from this afternoon in the puppybox. 


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