Mating between Mira and Idde completed!

On Friday evening I drove to Enköping and picked up Idde. He was taken there from Skåne with his "grandparents" since his owners was away in France over the weekend.
Mira and him got to meet in the evening but she was not ready for any dating, as I suspected judging by her low progesterone the day before.
On Saturday and Sunday her behaviour did change though and despite me thinking it was early the two lovebirds seem to think differently.
They struggled in the warm weather we had and only got to meet eachother for short periods of time and inbetween be apart to rest and cool down.
We did get some short matings during the weekend but without "hanging". So this morning I took a second progesteronetest to see if we were early or perhaps even late.
And Mira sure had risen faster than expected, she was on 48,3 nmol/L this morning and their interest I thought was a little bit cooler than earlier this weekend.
Well, at lunchtime the two of them was let out together in the garden. I didn't expect much but they did seem to still be interested and started to try again, and after not that long all of a sudden they were stuck together!
They did so well and stood still as I sat with them the whole time that they were stuck together, which was only for about 10 minutes.
I have to say that I am very proud of both of them. Despite the heat and them being two not very experienced dogs, they have worked so well and really like eachother. Mira has shown sides of herself as a real tramp... I thought she would even rape him when he was tired and laid down to rest in the shade! ;-)
She has been standing like a statue for him helping out in the way she can and finally, the two of them made it the whole way.
Idde will stay with us for a little bit longer, I am not sure if we will get any more matings because she was pretty high in progesterone today. But of course they will get the chance again tomorrow if they want to!
Below are some  mixed photos from their dates, sensitive people might want to look away!



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