Puppypictures 3-5 days old!

The puppies are 5 days old today and they are all doing great. They are gaining weight, around 100 grams per day so far!
So they are starting to get chubby, Mira must have strong milk for them! At the moment I am just looking forward to them getting bigger so I can start to cuddle with them. At the moment they are to small to be handled so I have to settle with just watching them being adorable!
Mira is being an amazing mother. I do feel she is relaxing in her role more and more. 
For the past two days she has gone out a couple of times for short walks with me and the other dogs instead of just going out in the backyard. It is wonderful to see her play a little bit before we hurry back home to the puppies again. 
Koya and Yaya are very curious about these puppies, and Mira is letting them come and check them out now and then. I do stop them when I see them so Mira won't feel uncomfortable, but then I see them there when I am not looking and Mira isn't saying a word. 
So in another week or so I will let them do as Mira wants! I know Yaya always loves to help out with my litters as soon as the mother will let her. 
Below are a few photos from today and yesterday. Enjoy!


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