Mira day 58! It's getting close!

Today Mira is on day 58 of her pregnancy. Since I got home I have seen a big difference, of course her belly is bigger but she is struggling now. Her legs and paws are swollen and her eyes look very tired. She is ok when we are out walking and sleeps a lot. But she is uncomfortable at times and I can see she is having a hard time to find a good way to sleep.
All I can say is that I am happy for her sake that it is now only a matter of days until the puppies are here with us. 
Since last time I wrote I got a new idea... I had prepared the puppybox upstairs in our dogs own room but I decided I wanted to give Mira a safe place downstairs instead. For me it is more easy during the days to keep and eye on her and her puppues aswell as the other dogs and my daughter Ellen.
So when I got up this morning I drove and bought everything I needed and started building! It is almost finished, it is a puppypen more than a box as the old on is upstairs. Here the sides are high with an opening for Mira to get in and out. I will be able to close it to keep the other dogs out and the puppies in.
As the puppies grow I will make the playpen bigger and bigger.
I hope no puppies will arrive tonight, I need tomorrow to finish it and get myself mentally prepared for the delivery!
Below are a few mobilephonephotos of Mira and her big belly relaxing in our garden and tonight checking out the new puppypen. Hopefully I will get some help to take some real photos of her tomorrow with my camera!


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