Puppyphotos and video!

Finally my little sausages have become more "doglooking"! They have all opened their eyes which makes them absolute adorable! They are up on all four legs trying to walk and have started to "play" with eachother. Mira is an amazing mother, she takes excellent care of the puppies all the time, every hour of the day. 
I am happy that she now also feels so relaxed in her role that she now and then leaves them to come and sleep next to the other big dogs, on the couch or outside in the sun. She also spends more time at night next to me on the couch sleeping than she did before. She goes in to the puppybox a couple of times a night to feed and clean the puppies and then back to rest and sleep next to me.
She really enjoys our short daily walks and to play again. I have to say that even before she delivered her puppies, she still wanted to come along on our walks despite the big belly she was carrying around. But now it is definetely easier for her, exept now she has huge boobs shaking around when she runs!
Below are photos of the puppies 9-12 days old aswell as a video of them 11 days old. Enjoy!


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