Welcome to the world my HIGH-puppies!

So finally our H-litter puppies are here! (And the theme I have picked for this litter is High, names will be announced later.)
Yesterday afternoon around 2 pm I started to see a change in Mira's behaviour. She has been breathing heavily for a while but she was now panting with open mouth and also started to nest, scratching around her blankets in the puppybox. 
This to mean showed that she was in the openingstage of the delivery. This can take up to 24 hours until the acctual labour starts, so I knew I would have some waiting to do!
In the evening I made up the couch next to the puppybox for me to sleep in and went to bed. She did not have any contractions yet so with my experience I knew I should try to get some sleep, it would be a long day ahead of us.
Mira who normally is not allowed onto this couch of course wanted to sleep next to me, and I couldn't say no! So she took up at least half the bed and was breathing heavy pretty much all night long so the whole bed was shaking!
Inbetween us going outside, getting water, her nesting we did get some rest/sleep even though it wasn't as much as I wished for.
Early this moring at 04.22 am I noticed the first contraction and I thought finally! Here we go! But it doesn't really go that fast. It takes time to get the contractions stronger and for the first puppy to come over the pelvis into the birthcanal. 
After a few hours she wanted to go to the dogs livingroom and up onto their couch, and I decided to let her have the first puppy whereever she wanted. So at 08.04 am our first babygirl was born on the couch! 
A strong girl weighing 628 grams. The rest of the puppies were born in the puppybox and they all came easily. Mira was doing good the whole day, of course tired in between the delivery of each puppy but good appetite and she took excellent care of her newborns.

Below are a list of the order, time and weight of the puppies:

1. Female - Ms Orange - 08.04 am, 628 g - Singlecrown
2. Male - Mr Blue - 09.36 am, 677 g - Correct ridge
3. Female - Ms Pink - 09.43 am, 603 g - Correct ridge (perhaps a little bit short?)
4. Female - Ms Red - 10.28 am, 580 g - Correct ridge
5. Male - Mr Green - 10.52 am, 692 g - Correct ridge
6. Female - Ms Purple - 11.14 am, 479 g - Correct ridge
7. Male - Mr Lightblue - 11.44 am, 656 g - Correct ridge
8. Female - Ms Brown - 14.14 pm, 552 g - Correct ridge

So at home we have 8 puppies, 5 girls and 3 boys. 1 girl has a singlecrown (incorrect) and 1 of the girls might have a little bit to short ridge, time will tell how it will look!
I have done a first quick check for DS (dermoid sinus) and did not find any. They have very little white, no kinked tails or other faults descovered at this point.

All the puppies are doing well, they are nursing and sleeping and talking. Mira has spend most of the afternoon sleeping but is doing very well too. Amazing how she just automaticly just knows what to do and takes care of her little once. So proud of her!
Now it is time for me to get some rest aswell. I have taken individual photos of the puppies and will publish them tomorrow. Until then you can enjoy some photos from the delivery and afterwards below.

For you who are on my waitinglist for a puppy, I will contact you within the next few days!


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