Puppies 30 days old!

We have had a busy weekend! The puppies who are now 4 weeks old are now ready to get more visitors. So this weekend some families has been here to see them.
Aswell as having visits here I have been busy with entertaining my daughter Ellen, going to her cousins birhtdayparty and so on.
Yesterday afternoon me and husband did the big project and rearranged our livingroom. The puppies playarea was moved closer to the windows and our door that goes to our garden. Soon they will get a bigger area aswell as being allowed to go outside when the weather is good enough for it.
Changing the place for the puppies and getting them closer to the windows meant more light and a lot better possibilites for good photos. So during the afternoon I was in there with my camera getting these photos for you to enjoy! Puppies here 30 days old!


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