Mira and Idde will be parents! Pregnancy confirmed today!

Today I couldn't wait any longer! I had to know if Mira and Idde was expecting puppies. I had plan to do an ultrasound tomorrow but well, today at lunch we headed for my old workplace so I could check her today.
We found puppies right away! It is impossible to try to count because they are so small and disappear easily, so you never know if you count the same one twice...
But it doesn't matter, now I now we will have puppies and can prepair for that. The puppies will be born around the 31 st of August, so almost 6 weeks left. 
I will make an X-ray of Mira's belly closer to the end and then attempt to count how many puppies she has, so we are prepared for the delivery.
I weighed her today and she weighed 38,9 kg. Usually they gain around 1 kg per puppy by the end of their pregnancy.
Below are photos from the ultrasound, the black bubbles are the "puppies", or they are inside them.



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