Not much longer... Pictures of Mira day 55-58 of her pregnancy!

Yesterday we got some lovely sunny weather and at lunch we could even go outside without thick dogcoats on and get some photos of Mira and her giant belly.
Today I did a little photoshoot indoors of her belly in different angles. I can now tell that Mira is more than ready to get these puppies out!
She is struggling to sleep and is breathing heavy and sometimes making lots of noise of discomfort... When she is up walking or standing she seems the least bothered. 
Today is day 56-58 of her pregnancy, so it should not take that many more days until she will start her delivery. I have my money on Tuesday, lets see if she will wait until then or perhaps even longer?
The most difficult for her and for us now is that she needs to go outside very often also during the night, The puppies is kicking around in her belly so she now accidently pees herself when trying to sleep... Last night we were out at 22 pm, 24 pm, 02 am, 05 am and again around 7.30 am. Her apetite is still huge so not showing signs of the delivery starting yet. We will just wait! If she would go the whole distance she would have a whole week left  counting fram the last mating, but as I have mentioned, I doubt that she will!
Let's keep our fingers crossed now that my next update here will be that her puppies has been born!