Photobomb of the puppies 4,5 weeks old!

Our darling puppies are now 4,5 weeks old and doing so well. They have gotten a bigger playarea now and is awake and active for longer periods at a time, even if it is most of the time not for more than 30-60 minutes.
They are eating all together from two big puppybowls and being fed 3 times by me and even more than that still by Mira.
They are all very social and is always happy when I sit down to cuddle with them, everyone wanting to be in my lap for a good cuddletime!
Our lovely future puppyfamilies has started to visit us this past week and more is coming. The puppies I am sure are enjoying the new addition of people and clothes to chew on!
New photoshoot will take place this week, might have to do the stacked photos again on Tuesday when my husband is home, otherwise I will do my best attempt by myself on Thursday. 
But until then here is loads of photos of them taken today! Enjoy!