Cuddle time with Ellen!

My daughter Ellen is almost 2,5 years old and she absolutely loves the puppies. If I don't keep an eye on her I will find her in the puppybox all the time, sharing her toys with the puppies, reading them a book or just taking a nap.
The photos below is from when the puppies were 18 days old, and Ellen go to take her nap with them in the afternoon.
I love to see how Mira is fine with Ellen around the puppies. For me it is so important that Mira is comfortable and feel safe with her babies, and if she would even give Ellen a look showing that she doesn't appreciate having her there, Ellen is out. But that never happens.... Mira does not say I thing!
So the other day Ellen and the puppies was all asleep and Mira just joined them and fell asleep aswell.
Hope you wil enjoy the photos!