Individual photos 1 week old!

Our tiny babies are now 1 week old! Or they are not so tiny... not now or even when they were born based on their weights! All but two has now past 1 kg!

Puppies weights 1 week old:
- Mr Grey - 1121 grams
- Mr Green - 1101 grams
- Mr Lightblue - 1090 grams
- Mr Black - 984 grams
- Mr Brown - 1030 grams
- MrBlue - 1054 grams
- Mr Yellow - 1166 grams
- Mr Orange - 1057 grams
- Ms Pink -1013 grams
- Ms Red - 865 grams
- Mr Grey -1242 grams
- Mr Purple - 1170 grams

Mira has shown a change in behaviour the past one or two days. Now and then when the puppies are sleeping she acctually leaves the puppybox to come and rest on the couch next to the rest of us, and she is ok with coming along for short walks and not just stepping outside to pee and then run back inside again. 
I am happy for her, this is so much better for her than laying in the puppybox the whole time. Of course she is in there pretty much all the time but I think she can rest better outside, more undisturbed sleep!
She is also more relaxed with the other dogs. I don't let any of them come into the puppybox, but she is ok with them looking in to see the puppies at a distance.
Below are new headshots of the puppies taken today at 1 week of age, enjoy!