Mira day 48!

Today Mira is on day 49-51 of her pregnancy. Yesterday the weather was very mild so she got to enjoy a walk in the woods without her jacket on and of course I took my camera with me, to get some photos of this pretty fat dog!
She enjoyes her walks still, most of the time just walking along in her own paste, but now and then decides to run a little and take part of some play.
Indoors she is like my bitches usually are the last 1-2 weeks. Uncomfortable and tired. She sleeps a lot and has now found some sleeping positions that she prefers. She eats food four times a day, and we sneak her some left over inbetween her meals aswell ;)

Last time Mira had puppies she gave birth on day 59-60. If she does the same this time we are ready for a delivery in the beginning of the week after next, that means in about 9 days and forward. So we can soon start to count down!
Yesterday we had the puppybox installed in the livingroom. All the blankets, towels, small scale, puppycollars and everything we need for the delivery is now laid out and we are prepared. 
I am working this week but Mira will be staying home with Christoffer expect for one day when I will take her with me for a last check up by my vet, do X-ray to try to count how many puppies we can expect and also get a new weight on her.
Another update will come during the week and what I guess is our last belly picture coming next Sunday! Then after that it is countdown for real!