The puppies are finally here!

Oh wow, finally I can write that our precious bunch is born! It was a very long delivery, the longest I have ever experienced, but Mira is such a trooper and just like her mother Moa, a true breedingbitch, made to manage just this!
I will take the whole thing from the start!

Very early Thursday morning the 12th I was woken up several times but Mira's heavy breathing. At 2 am I decided to move my pillow and blanket to the couch next to the puppy box to let the rest of the family get some undisturbed sleep. 
When the bitch starts to breath heavy with open mouth and scratch around in her bed it's the sign that she has entered the openingstage of the delivery. Just like with humans this can take a long time, up to 24 hours is normal. 
So I knew I should try to sleep because we would have a few long days ahead of us! Mira of course felt the same way and were do you sleep best? On the couch next to or on top of me! 
The day went by in the same way, not until around 1-1.30 pm when I saw the first small signs of contractions. Finally we were moving into the next stage!
Already at 13.58 pm our first puppy was born without any problems! A lovely male weighing 674 grams.
I was excited to have the delivery finally started but pretty soon realized puppy number 2 was giving us some problems. I could feel the head of it but no paws, which means the front legs were turned backwards along the body, making it's shoulder even wider and more difficult to squeeze out. Mira was resting in between the contractions but still working hard without the puppy moving forward. I took her outside, ran with her, went up and down stairs and pushed the puppy back to see if I could make it change position and make it out easier. 
But nothing seemed to help so I decided to drive towards Strömsholm animal hospital for assistance. Knowing that we had so many puppies left I did not want to risk loosing them by waiting to long. So we packed ourselves into the car and me with Mira and the first puppy in the trunk and off we went. For 20 minutes she had good contractions but no puppy came out. I started to call the hospital again to prepare them for a C-section, but then, off course, out he came! Puppy number 2, another male!
So we turned around and went back home for the rest to come out. After that we got two more boys coming out easily and then we waited for number 5. But well, he did the same as number 2, came in the same position and took some team effort and patience before he finally was born aswell. 
The following five puppies came without problems and the clock was now a little over 00.15 am Friday morning. 
But then it stopped, again... this time it felt ok though. This time it just felt like the next puppy needed time to move all the way to the exit, but also Mira needed to eat, drink and rest. So she slept and took care of the 10 puppies she already had, and I also got some sleep. At 05.22 am puppy number 11 was finally born and he was the biggest of them all, 772 grams! That's a new Kadamo record!
After him she has another very long break but still she seemed to be feeling just fine so I was not stressed about it this time either. And yet again, after a bit more than another 5 hours wait our puppy number 12 came to the world!
After three more hours Mira delivered her last puppy, a beaautiful baby girl but unfortunately stillborn... The whole delivery, from first to last puppy took 24 hours... it proved to be to long for that last girl.
She had a correct ridge, just a small white spot on her chest and no DS found. 
I feel sad that we lost one of only three girls, with so few of them. But still I am so happy about the 12 healthy, strong and lively puppies that we have with us. 
Mira has been a trooper through out this whole thing, she has so much will, she instictable knows what to do, and trust me 100 %. 
So proud of her and love seeing her taking such great care of her little once. 
She has been sleeping since the last puppy was born and soon it is my turn aswell. We have been up since 2 am Thursday morning which now means for about 41 hours now... I have only gotten some sleep early this morning with several wakes up to check Mira and the puppy next to me... For some reason I do not feel exhausted... but think I will sleep pretty well tonight!

Below are the list of all the puppies, what time they were born, what colour they got and how much they weigh:

Kadamo's It-litter:
#1: 13.58 pm: Beige- Male, offset, 674 grams
#2: 17.05 pm: Green- Male, ok ridge, 710 grams (born in the car)
#3: 18.00 pm: Lightblue- Male, ok ridge, 612 grams
#4: 18.49 pm: Black- Male, ok ridge, 722 grams
#5: 21.23 pm: Brown- Male, ok ridge, 705 grams
#6: 22.04 pm: Blue- Male, ok ridge, 686 grams
#7: 22.21 pm: Yellow- Male, ok ridge, 673 grams
#8: 23.23 pm: Orange- Male, single crown, 645 grams
#9: 00.00 pm: Pink- Female, ok ridge, 710 grams
#10: 00.14 am: Red- Female, ok ridge, 543 grams
#11: 05.22 am: Grey- Male, ok ridge, 772 grams
#12: 10.40 am: Purple- Male, ok ridge, 702 grams
#13: 13.40 pm: Female- stillborn, ok ridge,