Individual photos 2 weeks old!

The puppies are now 2 weeks old and yesterday they had their weekly photoshoot. They are still to small and unstable to be able to sit up and show themselves off, even though they are now getting around the whelping box on all four legs.
The next week I hope to be able to get them to start walk off their bed to pee and poo, this normally takes a little bit of time to learn when you are this little...
All puppies now have their eyes open and even though they still sleep very much the short time that they are awake is just precious! They are so adorable, curious and loving. They all know how to clim into my bed and sometimes at night they wake me up with kisses!

They are gaining weight steadily, the big once still in the lead and the smaller once a little bit behind, but all gaining weight well in proportion to their size. At some point during this week they will get their first taste of solid food. I usually try to wait until the first teeth break through, and that is not far away now.

This weeks weights:
- Mr Beige - 1700 grams
- Mr Green - 1497 grams
- Mr Lightblue - 1638 grams
- Mr Black - 1445 grams
- Mr Brown - 1382 grams
- MrBlue - 1570 grams
- Mr Yellow - 1663 grams
- Mr Orange - 1450 grams
- Ms Pink -1433 grams
- Ms Red - 1170 grams
- Mr Grey -1740 grams
- Mr Purple - 1690 grams