Mira X-rayed on day 51/53!

Today we did an X-ray of Mira's huge belly, and I think I see 13 puppies. You can never be truly sure when you have this many making the whole belly so crowded. But both me and my vet found 13 independent of eachother so that is what I guess we will have! Just one more week to go!
I also weighed her and she is up to 50,3 kg, which is about 11 kg weightgain. So not that bad, I usually say the gain 1 kg per puppy by the end of the pregnancy, so not that bad/much this time. She is doing ok still, her apetite is huge, she comes along on all our walks, doesn't run and play but still walks on without any hesitation. All she has left to do now is rest and wait for what will come!