Puppies enjoying the sunshine!

We had some lovely days with sunshine and of course I had to take the opportunity to let the puppies come outside. The temperature has been a bit cold so they have not been really sure that going outside was the greatest idea though... But still being curious they started to explore and play, and some also stepping out on the snow, well it's more like ice now.
I do keep hoping for warmer degrees soon so we can spend more time outdoors these last 2 weeks. 
You can tell that the puppies are so much more saticfied when they get to explore new things. Even if it is just new toys, or a new noise as they are playing in the kitchen while I am cooking and so on. They can also interact a lot better with all the other big dogs, learning different signals. Colin just wants to play, Koya often wants to play but not always, Mira you can not use as a milkbar ALL the time... you need to listen to her and give her kisses too! Moa, well she wants to be left alone... but you can always try to tease her ;-)
Below are a bunch of pictures from our day outside yesterday! Enjoy!