Individual 3 week photos!

The puppies are now 3 weeks old and getting more active. They have now been eating solid food once a day for a few days as compliment to the milk they get from Mira. The older they get the more solid food  will be getting, adding with one meal a day. 
So far they are getting fed one by one, in that way I can control that they all get some food and that the smaller puppies gets what they need.
They also yesterday got to eat for the first time on the table. Every week when I do stacked photos (from next week and forward) the stand on a table. Usually the puppies does not even notice this because they are busy eating whatever is being offered to them ;)
But still, good for both them and me to practise! (No pictures to publish from this week though.)
This week we have also weighed them all again, they have been dewormed for the first time and again had their claws cut.
Below are this weeks individual photos. 

This weeks weights:
- Mr Beige - 2270 grams
- Mr Green - 2070 grams
- Mr Lightblue - 2130 grams
- Mr Black - 1935 grams
- Mr Brown - 1955 grams
- Mr Blue - 2175 grams
- Mr Yellow - 2340 grams
- Mr Orange - 1900 grams
- Ms Pink - 2030 grams
- Ms Red - 1800 grams
- Mr Grey -2365 grams
- Mr Purple - 2320 grams