Mira has started her heat!

The day I have been waiting for has come! About one and a half week ago I saw that Mira was starting to get swollen, so I knew her heat would not be far away. I wasn't expecting her to come into heat until November so this came as a little bit of surprise... and a little bit to soon. 
Next weekend we are going to Denmark and we will be travelling with males... so I have been stressed out for the past week that we would not be able to go.
But sweet Mira has waited and waited to start her heat, until today. But the timing is perfect!
Mira and I will take the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia next Thursday and then from there drive to Riga where we will stay until Sunday to meet Boy.
With the best of luck Mira is ready for mating on the same days as last time giving us three opportunities for mating, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning.
I will most likely take a bloodtest on Mira and have it analyzed on Thursday before we go, even though the result will most likely not change anything!  So now this long and exciting journey can finally begin!