Pregnancy confirmed! 

Today Mira is on day 17-19 of her pregnancy, depending on if we count from first or last mating.  I was planning to do an ultrasound in 5 days, but then this morning at work we started the ultrasound for another patient and I couldn't resist trying a very early ultrasound on Mira. 
We never book patients this early but I wanted to try, having done a lot ultrasounds now it is fun with a challenge.
And I was more than happy with the result! I very quickly discovered 3 tiny puppies near eachother. I did not bother trying to look for more, just knowing there is something in there is good enough! (One can be seen in the photo above, as a thick ring that is black inside on the right side of the photo.)
Later on I will make another ultrasound to check for heartbeats.
So at this stage I am happy to announce that our I-litter is expected to be born in January! For more information about the parents to be visit the Planned I-litter page.