Just one more week to go!

Finally the countdown can start! Tomorrow we have only one week left to the official duedate at 63 days. I am not sure if Tiya will be able to hold them in for so long, so we will be prepared and ready for them a few days early. 
Some pictures of beautiful and big mum to be. She is heavy now... will try to put her on the scale by the end of the week to see how much she has gained. I usually count about +1 kg per each pup at the end of the pregnancy. So that would mean about 15 kg up if I have counted correctly on the X-ray. Last litter I think she gained a little bit less than 1 kg/pup. 
Keep your fingers crossed for the last week now! The quickest updates during the delivery will most likely be at my Instragram karins_lantliv if you want to follow us there. Will update her aswell once the whole delivery is done!