Tiya day 27!

Tomorrow Tiya is on day 28 and the first four weeks are done. This past week and especially the last few days she has had bad apetite. She still eats but doesn't want her normal food, but some other once is ok, some dogtreats and our left overs. She threw up a couple of times last night which I think was mostly because she did not eat her dinner. Other than that she seems to be feeling fine. Lots of energy and playing like normal.
Yesterday she was with my and some dogs from the kennel training agility which we both enjoyed. Today we also went on a nice long walk in the sunshine together with some of her puppies from the Oasis-litter who turned 1 year old last weekend. 
Her belly does not look like it has grown a lot in this photo, but I think it has when you see it in real life. I think the lack of eating properly might be the reason it doesn't show as much.
Well, five more weeks to go!