A little update!

Yesterday we had some nice sunny weather so I took my camera with me on our lunchwalk. The dogs got to go without their wintercoats. Tiya can still fit in hers but not by much! It barely reaches around her belly!
She has been doing well today, but this evening she was not interested in her dinner. With some extra wet food she did eat a little but you can see a change in her behaviour. Heavier breathing, moving around a bit to different places to sleep. She actually managed to get under the cover of the dogbed earlier tonight. She is on day 58 today so we will see how long she can keep these puppies inside. Let's see if we get to meet them even before the weekend!

We just put her on the scale (we have a dogscale here for our smaller farmanimals) and she weighed 59 kg! That means she has gained 17,5 kg since the beginning of her pregnancy!
I usually count 1 kg gained weight per puppy, so this will be interesting. Will there be more than 15 puppies, will they be very big, is it the heavy milkbar or something else? She has not gotten swollen legs, some of my bitches has gotten that in the end and as soon as the puppies are out it has disappered. But no extra weight in the legs by the looks of it for Tiya. Just an enormous belly. 
Her last litter with 15 puppies she had gained 12 kg on day 60, so then a bit less than 1 kg/puppy. Maybe just more weight because it is the second time, soon we will know! Keep her in your thoughts, she has a tough few days ahead of her.