X-ray on day 50!

Today Tiya is on day 50 of her pregnancy and I took her to my work where we did X-rays of her huge puppybelly. She has gained 10 kg already, and she has almost two weeks left to go.
It was hard to get really good X-rays because the puppies are really filling up her whole abdomen. From hips all the way close to her lungs. So we could not get all puppies into one picture, we had to take on further back and one further forward to not miss anyone. The puppies do move so it is not a 100 % sure to count them like this, and some are not as clear to see because of intestines and other organs hiding them a little. But I think I am seeing up to 15 puppies. Last time she had 15 (one stillborn) so we will see. She is at least very fertile for sure!