Successful trip to Denmark!

This morning Tiya and I drove the last few hours to Canicold in Denmark where we met with Ari, his owner Gabriele and his breeder Inez. We did a collection of his semen which was good quality for his age and did an insemination. After that Tiya had to stay still and rest in my car so we drove ti small lake where we went for a walk with Ari and took about 500 photos of him! 
We did some photos of Tiya aswell before we had lunch and a break. I walked Tiya around the lake in the afternoon before it was time to go back to Canicold.
Once again we collected Aris semen and did a second insemination. 
I was happy to see that Ari was all that I expected and hoped for. So now we keep our fingers crossed for healthy beautiful puppies in 9 weeks! 
Once I am back home I will update with lots of new photos of the beautiful parents to be!