Tiya day 41!

Tiya is today on day 41 which means counting from tomorrow she only has three more weeks to go. It is hard to guess how many puppies she is carrying. I think her belly is as big as it was one week later in her previous litter. That time she had 15 puppies... So could it be that many again? Or is she just bigger earlier because has carried a litter before and her abdominalmuscles aren't as strong? I will make an X-ray of her belly either next Monday day 49 or on Thursday on day 52. Then we will hopefully be able to count how many they are and what we have to expect!
Today she has been playing a bit during our walk but she does rest and sleep most of the time during the days. Veeeeery hungry all the time so a little bit more food now and some left overs of course.