Puppies 5-6 weeks old!

It has been a busy week! The puppies are more active now so it takes about an hour of playing and running around before they go to sleep, and then after an hour they are awake again!
They do sleep more than that during the day of course, but they do keep as busy!
The weather has been colder but still a lot of sunshine, so they do get to come outside about three times a day to get used to peeing and pooing outdoors, to play and then they are allowed back inside. Our mornings when the puppies are running around the whole house and the kids are getting ready for school is a circus! 
Below are mixed photos from this past week. I have taken lots of photos but never have time to go through and edit, so that is why this weeks update came late.
New photoshoot, weigh in, deworming and claws to be cut this weekend. So more updates after that!