Puppies 10 days old!

The puppies are 11 days old today and yesterday I took a lot of pictures of them. Most of the photos are still when they are sleeping... They are getting up on all four legs now trying to move around, but not so steady still so all photos of them awake and walking are pretty much shaky. They are now starting to open their eyes and I love that, finally someone is looking back at you! 
They are gaining weight steadily and even though some are bigger and some are smaller they are all strong and chubby. Very happy that I never had to step in and give extra feeding, Tiya has produced enough milk for them all. I just help out making sure the smaller once are not pushed away at feeding time. 
Still they feed very often so most of the time some puppies are sleeping so not often that all are awake trying to feed at the same time. That will be harder when they get bigger and more awake at the same time. But by then I will start to feed them puppyfood so I think they will be all fine and feel full.