Day 56, one week to go!

Tiya is today on day 56 of her pregnancy which means just one more week to go. Dogs are pregnant 63 days, give and take +/-3 days. I am counting from the first mating, but Tiya and Maddox mated a few days in a row so not sure which day is the true day 1. So we are all prepared from the end of this week and during the weekend. She will show me when they are ready to come out.
We took all the dogs and the kids for a walk in the woods today instead of just on the road. She is suprisingly energetic and runs and play and does not show then how far along she is. She is a strong girl this one! 
Our new and bigger puppypool arrived the other day (the first one felt a little bit too small for a large litter so I ordered a bigger one). She has approved it! Digging around, resting with me in it aswell as gone there to sleep on her own. 
I have also digged out all the colors of puppycollars I could find, so hopefully we are ready for all the puppies she is hiding in that large belly. 
It is so wonderful to feel them move in there. When Tiya is resting next to me I keep my hand on her belly and I can feel them moving. Love that everytime I have a litter of puppies! 
So, countdown has started, keep your fingers crossed for her and a safe delivery!