First solid food!

The puppies are 19 days old today and got to try some "solid" food for the very first time. They very much enjoyed it! I usually start with letting them have a taste once a day first, then twice a day. In the beginning I always feed them one by one to make sure they all get their portion and is not pushed away by their siblings. When they all got the hang of it they will start to eat all together from big special puppybowls. 
Tiya is now more relaxed and leaves the puppies more when they are sleeping. Now she comes and spends more time with us, sleeping on the couch or begging for food in the kitchen. She sleeps every night next the them still though. This past night was my first night since they were born not sleeping on a mattress on the floor next to the puppypool. I sleep in the room next door, and if it continue to go well I can soon go back to sleeping in my own bed! Look forward to that!
On Saturday the puppies are 3 weeks old but I will be away during the day so new photoshoot will be on Sunday instead. I hope you can wait the extra day!