The puppies has gotten their names and new 6 weeks photos!

The puppies are 6 weeks old today and we have had a nice day outdoors. The sun was shining earlier so they got to play outside again which they love! They are almost to curios because they crawl under the fence into my neighbours yard, so tomorrow I will have to put up extra fence to keep them all in!
It was time for their weekly wigh in aswell and oh my they are getting heavy! They also got dewormed again today, they did well even though they don't like the taste of the medicine. 
I took new stacks of them today, unfortunately I did not have my helper Elin today, so I only made stacked photos. You can see their adorable faces on the mixed photos from earlier in the week if you are curious about them.
The puppies have now been registred in the Swedish Kennelclub, SKK and gotten their official names as you can see below.

This weeks weights:
Mr Blue - 5900 grams
Mr Green - 5900 grams
Mr Purple - 5600 grams
Mr Black - 5500 grams
Ms Pink - 5400 grams
Mr Yellow - 5200 grams
Mr Orange - 5200 grams
Ms Red - 5000 grams