New puppyphotos and videos!

I love them.. I really love my puppies! Today they are 13 days old and tomorrow already 2 weeks. So tomorrow it is time to weigh them and take new individualphotos. I look forward to it since they have now all open their eyes and just look even more adorable. 
They now get around better without the help of Kayla, they can find eachother and her so less crying if one of them is all of a sudden by himself.
This means I had my first calm night last night and hopefully soon I can go back to sleeping in my own bed and leave Kayla alone with the puppies at night.
My daughter Ellen find the puppies fascinating to watch. She enjoys sitting their on my lap while I try to take photos, today she and Ms Red had a little chat after I had just cleaned the puppybox for them. So sweet!

Below are a couple of videos from today. The first one is after the puppies were lifted back into their puppybox after it got cleaned, so a bit noisy while they are finding their way back to Kayla.
The other video is of Yaya, the perfect nanny who is now allowed by Kayla (and me) to assist. She is desperately wanting a puppy to give her some attention and wakes up Mr Purple for this.

Below the videos are some mixed photos of the pack from today! Enjoy!