Individual photos of the puppies 3 weeks old!

Today the puppies turns 3 weeks old time for a photoshoot with them all. I usual make my first attempt to stack my puppies at this age. Not that I think you can really see much on how they will turn out, but because it is good practice for upcoming weeks photoshoots.
All the puppies did well and enjoyed their little feedingtime! Minced meat and yoghurt!
A huge thank to my dear friend (and the owner of two Kadamogirls) Elin for helping me out today!

Expect for taking new photos I have also weighed them, tomorrow it is time for them to be dewormed for the first time. 

Their weights 3 weeks old:

Mr Green- 2065 gram
Ms Red- 1900 gram
Mr Black- 2070 gram
Ms Pink- 2045 gram
Mr Blue- 2005 gram
Mr Purple- 2104 gram
Mr Yellow- 2056 gram
Mr Orange- 1900 gram