Our G-litter is born! First indiviual photos!

Yesterday afternoon Kayla decided it was time for us to meet our precious G-litter. Kayla did an amazing job delivering her puppies, and she cares for them like she has done this a million times before! A true pro! 
All puppies are strong and seems healthy at this point. I have checked them all over once each and not found any kinked tails, DS or other faults. 
We have 8 puppies, 6 boys and 2 girls.
Below are their birthtimes and weights and then their individual pictures:

16.03: Male, showridge, 510 grams- Mr Black
16.45: Male, showridge, 592 grams- Mr Green
17.13: Bitch, showridge, 538 grams- Ms Pink
17.37: Male, showridge, 571 grams- Mr Blue
18.51: Male, showridge, 501 grams- Mr Purple
20.44: Male, showridge, white frontfeet, 570 grams- Mr Yellow
00.28: Male, showridge, white frontfeet, 503 grams- Mr Orange
00.37: Bitch, showridge, 491 grams- Ms Red

For all of you who are waiting and hoping for a puppy from this litter, I will contact you within the next few days!