Busy weekend!

We have had a busy weekend but now finally some new puppyphotos! On Friday the puppies got dewormed and that was no problems at all, luckily they love their food so was easily distracted afterwards and swallowed it all.
On Saturday the puppies daddy Idde and his owners Malin and Daniel aswell as Kayla's owner Jennie came by and spend the afternoon and evening with us, appreciated by all!
On Sunday my breeder Anna Wright from Hamnudden visited with her two daughters and did a check up on all the puppies. No DS found and no other faults! Thank you Anna for coming!!

The puppies have really passed a milestone now in their development. They are now very social and finally it's those important weeks ahead of us, were I will do my best to give these little guys the best start in life! I will try not to get eaten by them and their tiny sharp puppyteeth as we go!

Below are photos of them 24-25 days old. Enjoy!