Photos and a video of the puppies having fun in the kitchen!

The puppies are now only a couple of days away from turning 6 weeks old. We have had an eventful week and not much time to update the blog. But at least now I have some new photos for you!
The puppies has been spending their afternoons and evenings downstairs in our kitchen/diningroom. It means more space and a lot of new sounds. They are loving it! They play like crazy, fall asleep, wake up and play again.
They are very curious and brave exploring new things which I am happy to see. I now hope that we will have some decent weather from now on so that I can take them outside in the garden to get used to that aswell. I want it to be a positive experience so waiting for the right time, I hope with some sunshine!
Below are photos of the puppies around 5,5 weeks old. Enjoy!