A visit by daddy Idde and his family!

This weekend the puppies dad Idde and his owner came from Gothenburg to visit. It was great to see all of them again! We enjoyed some walks and acctually some sunshine aswell, and we had company of a couple of puppybyers on Saturday.
Kayla's owner Jennie also spend Saturday with us and we had a wonderful time. What can I say, around these puppies you can't be anything but happy!
Below are some mixed photos of Idde to show a little bit of his sweet personality! Sitting next to his "wife" Kayla, being a lapdog, smiling when he is getting his back scratched, cuddling with Malin and just looking sweet.
Today before they all left to go home again we had a quick little photoshoot in the sunshine and snow. Thank you Daniel and Malin for coming, hope to see you here again soon!