It is not always easy being a mother of 14! After the delivery Mira has had a fever. This is normal but hers would not go down. She had discharge of mostly blood the first days, also normal, but those eventually changed colour and became a mix of blood and pus. Sorry for nasty details...
This made me suspect and infection in her uterus perhaps caused by placenta that had not come out during delivery?
I consulted my vet who at the moment did not want to start her on antibiotics. I gave her fluids under the skin for two days but the fever did not go down much. She ate and drank normal, came out for short walks and seemed ok otherwise, until yesterday morning. 
She then vomited and had no interest in eating. Her milkproduction had gone down do to her lack of appetite and therefor the puppies had lost some weight over night.
I then decided to take her and the puppies to the animalhospital for help. They took some bloodtests which confirmed my suspisions about an infection and she got iv. fluids, antibiotics and antiinflammatory medicine. After a few hours with fluid we went home and during the evening her appetite slowly came back. I started to feed the puppies milk in a bottle during the day and night and this morning 10 of them had already gained weight again and the other atleast not lost any more. 
Mira is doing a lot better today, she was begging for food at the breakfast table and her appetite is back to normal. She even came and asked for a backrub, so I would say she is feeling better!
Thank you everyone for you wellwishes!