Change of plans!

Our initial plan was to travel to Norway on Saturday to meet Noah there in the afternoon. On Friday I still walked Mira and my male Colin together without them showing very much interest in eachother. Still I did seperate them when I was outside, to be on the safe side. 
So I was suprised when I then found them both outdoors... Colin is the familiy houdini and he must have opened the door. By the time I did not know if they could have mated or not... 
So the decision was made to cancel the trip to Noah in Norway, and not risk a mating with two males. I felt ok with this since I had before had plans to make a repeat mating between Colin and Mira since I  was so pleased with their first litter.
Colin or "Houdini" as we only call him now also escaped out of our metalcage, opened the door and found Mira, me and the other dogs in the woods where we were looking for chantarelles, and they had a proper mating there. So we know now that we have a good chance for puppies!
Colin has an injury in one of his backlegs, and that was the biggest reason to pick another male for this litter. I would have also prefered to have my Kiss-litter X-rayed before a second mating with the same combination, but I feel confident that we will have many good/clear results.
Obviously Colin's injury does not seem to hurt or bother him during these matings, but because of it we are stopping them from spending more time together to avoid unnecessary strain on his leg. 
So, in the end we are happy and excited about this repeatmating, even if things did not go as we originally planned. 
Now we cross our fingers for puppies just days before Christmas!