Puppies 13 days old and eyes open!

The puppies are 13 days old and they have all opened their eyes. They are now moving around on all four legs even though a bit shaky.
Mira and I went to the vet for a check up and new bloodtests today. Her infection and inflammation is getting better and she is doing just fine. She is hungry all the time and comes with us for walks. She is also starting to relax a bit more so when they puppies are fed and sleeping she comes more often and joins the rest of the family where we are.
The puppies are doing well too, they are all strong and growing. Some has taken off and are now over 1 kg and some are a little bit behind still.
Tomorrow morning I am heading with their bigsister Tiya for two days of showing in Gothenburg. So individual photos will be taken on Sunday, I hope you can survive until then! For now some new photos from today!