Eating solid food and growing!

Tomorrow the puppies are 3 weeks old and I am not sure where these weeks has gone! Only 5 weeks left with them, how is that even possible? The puppies has for the past three days been served one meal with "solid food". There teeth has broken through and it is now time to give Mira a bit more help feeding them all. They will gradually be fed more and more often as the days and weeks go by. Mira usually nurses her puppies all to the end, but they will still eat more and more food.
All puppies are doing well and gaining weight. You can tell that their eyesight has developed a lot this past week and they can see me when I come up to the puppypool. 
Tomorrow we have a busy day with photoshoot, deworming and if we can find the time we are also changing the pool for the puppyplayarea. 
Until then lots of new photos of the puppies from today for you to enjoy!