Our Lion Kings are born!

Last night Mira started the delivery of our awaited Lionking-litter. The first 9 puppies came within 5 hours, then she had a good rest for about 3 hours before puppy number 10 arrived. After that another 2 hours rest for number 11 and then almost 6 hours break until we finally met our number 12.
I had seen for sure 12 heads on the X-ray, but was not sure if there was perhaps more, since I could not follow each spine to a head (sounds nasty I know!). 
So not that surprised when she started having contractions and showing signs that the delivery was not over.
But is sure took some time... she rested, had some contractions, went outside to pee, ate some food and drank water, some more contractions and rest. Five hours later we got a stillborn beautiful correct girl. I knew it was too late but still tried all I could to resuscitate her but no luck. 
But Mira was not finished here, she had two more puppes in there and now I was a little bit stressed since the one before had died, most likely do to the placenta getting detached and the delivery taking to long. 
I could feel the nose and head when I examined her, but no legs, so they were folded backwards. We went outside several times, tried to have Mira standing with her frontlegs up on my bed, giving her more food for energy, eggyoke and dextrose but the puppy hardly moved forward, being a bit stuck on the pelvis. I tried several times to get a hold of it but couldn't get my fingers behind it's neck/head and I started to think that perhaps I would have to go to the animalhospital to get help. But then I got it, I got a hold and could pull her out when Mira had contractions and I was so happy to see the puppy alive! A wonderful girl who forgot her ridge.
After a little rest Mira started to have contractions again and did a new examination and yes, there was another puppy on the way coming with backlegs first. I left it for a while to give Mira a chance to do the job herself and she did so well, and puppy number 15 came out without a problem.  
This is my biggest litter ever, previous record was 13 puppies (12 alive in Mira's It-litter) and now we got 15 (14 alive). 
A summary of what we got: 15 puppies, 10 females (6 correct, 1 stillborn, 4 ridgeless) and 5 males (4 correct, 1 ridgeless).
I think I have managed to sleep about 3 hours in total since yesterday morning so feeling just like Mira, pretty tired! I will take the first individual photos of the puppies tomorrow so more updates will follow!

Full birthreport below:

1. Female - correct, 589 grams, 21.27 pm - Ms Red
2. Female - correct, 603 grams, 22.39 pm - Ms Pink
3. Male - ridgeless, 554 grams, 22.56 pm - Mr Blue
4. Female - ridgeless, 493 grams, 23.46 pm - Ms Orange
5. Male - correct, 555 grams, 23.52 pm - Mr Lightblue
6. Female - ridgeless, 536 grams, 00.53 am - Ms Yellow
7. Female - correct, 579 grams, 01.10 am - Ms Purple
8. Female - ridgeless, 498 grams, 01.43 am - Ms Beige
9. Male - correct, 547 grams, 02.38 am - Mr Black
10. Female - correct, 520 grams, 05.44 am - Ms Brown
11. Female - correct, 565 grams, 08.08 am - Ms Grey
12. Male - correct, 591 grams, 13.56 pm - Mr Green
13. Female - correct, stillborn, 498 grams, 19.08 pm - Ms ...
14. Female - ridgeless, 556 grams, 20.55 pm - Ms Lightpurple
15. Male - correct, 573 grams, 22.37 pm - Mr No Colour

Mira has done an amazing job, as always. The birthweights where a little bit lower than previous litters, but that is just good since she usually pushes out tiny monster puppies! She is such a good mum, keeping an eye on each and everyone, gathering all of them close to her not happy when one wonders off in thw wrong direction.
All the puppies seem healthy and strong at the moment. I have not gone through them all for DS so will have to get back to you about that status.

For now we are both very tired after two long days and one night with very little sleep. To all of you on my waitinglist, I will contact you soon!