Puppyphotos 3,5 weeks old!

The puppies are 3 1/2 weeks old and developing so much everyday. They are starting to get a hang of acctually leaving their bed and doing their business on the papers and not on their blankets! Me and my washingmachine is happy about that! They are being fed by me once a day and the love it. Next week that will become twice a day, which I think they look forward to! Mira is a wonderful mom, nursing them several times a day, and taking care of them by herself at night when I am sleeping. As long as she wants she will be with them in the puppyroom at night, but the last few weeks she normally don't nurse at night anymore. But so far, she still does.
Below are mixed photos from the last couple of days. Next update will be after Saturdays photoshoot, when we will attempt the first stacked photos. Let's see how that goes!
Until then, enjoy the photos below!